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The Basics of Backgammon

Backgammon is a wonderful game and an easy one too. Its roots go way back to the Roman Empire and before. It had been played for centuries with little change. The basic rules are quite simple and it takes no more than a few minutes to learn.

The board of backgammon contains four areas and in every one of these areas there are six thin triangles. These triangles are known as "point". The bases of the triangles start from the edges of the board. A bar is present in the middle of the board, thus "cutting" the board into to sections which are referred as the "inner" and "outer" boards of the players. There are thirty soldiers, fifteen white and fifteen black.

The soldiers are placed on different places on the board. A player has five soldiers in his inner board, on the farther triangle from the boards' edge. On the nearest triangle there are two enemy soldiers. In the players' outer board there are three of his soldiers, two more in his enemy's home board and five in his outer board.

The two players move in opposite direction, which one's goals is to reach his home board and then to take his pieces off the board. After all pieces are removed from the board then it might considered as a victory. I'll get to the "might" part later on in this article.

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