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Backgammon is believed to be the oldest game in history. Several civilizations have different variations of the game, including ancient Rome, Mesopotamia and Egypt, so it's not very sure where backgammon really originated. Yet despite the dispute about the origins of the game, backgammon has survived thousands of years to become an extremely popular game.

Just like chess, backgammon is a game of strategy and skill in some kind of a "war game." Each backgammon player controls 15 pieces that he must negotiate through 24 sections until all his pieces are taken off the board. The first player to bear off all his pieces from the board is declared the winner.

Although skill is very important in backgammon, there is also the element of luck which makes this game an exciting and unpredictable one. The roll of the dice determines the moves a player make but strategy enables him to decide which pieces to move and how to do it.

In backgammon, the pieces are scattered all over the backgammon board and the players try to move these pieces until all their pieces are on their respective sides of the board. The objective is to move all the pieces into the home board and take them off the board. Backgammon pieces can move only from the higher-number points into the lower-numbered points.

Backgammon has several rules and strategies that differ from place to place and from player to player. Some games have a Doubling Cube which is a dice of six sides imprinted with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. Other popular backgammon rules are the Crawford Rule which is meant to balance the game and the Jacoby Rule which is common in money games.

Backgammon players also use various strategies that are used to gain an advantage over their opponents. Strategies such as the Holding game, the Running game, the Blitz, the Priming game and the Backgame. If you are interested in the more serious aspects of backgammon, you should study and learn these strategies in detail.

In terms of popularity, backgammon has grown to become a popular game played by people of all ages, including children. Backgammon tournaments have began sprouting all over the place. The game has also moved into the Internet where online backgammon is now one of the most popular online games.

If you want to have more fun and excitement to your life, then consider playing backgammon with your friends and loved ones. You won't regret it!

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