Backgammon - Scoring

There are several methods of scoring a backgammon game. A game is won simply when the player is able to remove all his checkers from the board first.

In a single game, if the losing opponent is able to remove at least one of his checkers, the player gets the number of points, which is previously determined by the roll of the cube. If no cube was used, 1 point is given to the winner.

In a double game or often times referred to as a gammon, the player wins twice the amount of the cube. This occurs when the losing player has not removed a single checker from the board.

Lastly, a triple game or backgammon occurs when the winning player has successfully removed all his checkers from the board yet the losing player has not removed a single one of his checkers from the board and at the same time, still has checkers on the opponent's home board or at the bar. The winning player gets three times the amount of the cube.

To make things more interesting, doubles was introduced in the 1920's. When the player thinks he has the upper hand, he can opt to double the game. This effectively raises the stakes to twice the original amount. The opponent has the option to accept the double or resign the game. If he resigns or concedes, he loses the game and pays a point. By accepting the double, he effectively becomes the owner of the cube and has the option to offer another double referred to as redoubles.

There is no limit as to the number of times the game can be doubled. However, doubling must be done at the start of the player's turn and before the dice is rolled.

When betting on backgammon, you can play for a certain amount per point or you can opt to play a match for a pre-agreed amount.

There are other optional rules oftentimes used when playing for money. Automatic doubles occurs when both players happen to roll the same number at the start of the game to see to moves first. In this case, the game is automatically doubled (ie the doubling cube is turned to 2 at the start of the game). The Jacoby Rule if adapted states that in order for a gammon or backgammon to count, the game must be doubled. Otherwise, it is considered a single game.

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