Learning to Use the Backgammon Doubling Cube

While the majority of the informal players of backgammon are not familiar with the doubling cube, it is one of the most essential devices in advanced backgammon tactics and in cash games and tournaments.

The doubling cube is designed to increase the odds of the match and its induction in the world of backgammon is one of the principal causes why the game of backgammon has gained popularity.

The doubling cube consists of 6 faces with the numbers 2, 4, 8,16,32,64.

At the onset, the doubling cube is positioned beside the board or on the Bar in-between the players.

Any player, who realizes that he is ahead at any point in the match, may propose to double the odds by putting the doubling cube with the number 2 in a face up position. The cube can pass from player to player, each time raising the stakes. A lot of informal backgammon players are not familiar with the doubling cube, but it adds an important amount of new tactics into the game. Here are some pointers on how the doubling cube can be used.

1. Backgammon can be played as a series of matches, with players aiming to hit a particular amount of points to claim victory. The player with the highest score wins.

2. Every game ensues with an initial score of one point. The doubling cube is positioned in the middle of the bar and is not manipulated by either competitor.

3. When a player sees some advantage prior to the rolling of the dice, the player offers a double.

4. The opponent may reject the offer, but in return, forfeits the game.

5. If the opponent accepts the proposal, the worth of the game hits twice the value (hence, 1 becomes 2, 2 become 4, and so on). The accepting player seizes control of the doubling cube and is the sole player who can propose the next double.

6. Some competitors utilize 'beavers': when an offer to double is made, a player may redouble at once while still in control of the cube. The original player who offers the double may reject or accept the proposal, like with a regular double.

7. In automatic doubling, when the initial roll is doubles, the worth of the game is 2 points. The cube stays in the middle with no player controlling it.

Learning to use the doubling cube in backgammon is also a way of enhancing your playing skills. It can increase your winnings as you win twice the amount of your original bet. So go ahead, use the doubling cube.

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