A Brief Modern History of Backgammon - The doubling dice started the modern game of Backgammon. With the doubling dice, stakes became higher and the players' skills were greatly enhanced. With the 70s, the game rose to popularity because of widespread publicity and literature; while the 90s introduced internet backgammon, which made the game playable worldwide.

All About Backgammon - Backgammon is a game that has survived the test of time to become an all-time favorite among many people. Know the different rules and strategies of backgammon.

Backgammon - Scoring - How is backgammon scored? The article explains the scoring system of the game and the multiple variations that affect the scoring system.

Backgammon game - Backgammon Game

Basic Facts about Backgammon Software - The growth of the Internet has paved the way for the development on online backgammon software. The qualities of a good backgammon online software include fast and reliable servers, user-friendly interface and a 3D realistic touch.

Learning to Use the Backgammon Doubling Cube - The doubling cube is a device used in backgammon to increase the winnings of a player. It is used by player who is leading in the game in order to double up the stakes.

Looking for Free Backgammon Software - Finding free backgammon software is an important step in playing online backgammon. Know how to look for the right software and know what to do and what to avoid when downloading free backgammon software.

Poker Psychology Applied in Backgammon - Poker psychology can be applied in the game of backgammon. The most important thing in the game of backgammon is not the position of your pieces but the attitude of your opponent.

Rules of backgammon - Rules of Backgammon

Setting Up the Backgammon Board - Setting up the backgammon board is as easy as 1-2-3 even if you have no prior experience in playing the game. Understand the basic idea on backgammon setup and how the game is played.

The Exciting Tournaments in Backgammon - To be well-known and many times richer, the tournaments in backgammon would be a favorable option. But it's not merely cash prizes and being famous that counts when one would join these battles.

The Standard Opening Moves Of Backgammon - This article provides the standard opening moves in Backgammon. It defines each standard move and the logic for using that move as well as how to do it.

Respond - Respond

BACKGAMMON1ON1 COM - 最佳的步步高下载和软件。并且包括巨大文章和最新的新闻以便您能是一步在休息之前。

BACKGAMMON1ON1 COM - 最佳的步步高下載和軟體。並且包括巨大文章和最新的新聞以便您能是一步在休息之前。

BACKGAMMON1ON1 Com - De beste backgammon downloads en de software. Omvat ook grote artikelen en het recentste nieuws zodat u n stap voor de rest kunt zijn.

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COM BACKGAMMON1ON1 - I trasferimenti dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti ed il software del backgammon migliori. Inoltre include gli articoli grandi e le ultime notizie in moda da poterli essere voi un punto davanti al resto.

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COM BACKGAMMON1ON1 - COM BACKGAMMON1ON1, Grunderna av Backgammon

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