Rules of Backgammon

Two ordinary dices are used to determine how many moves a player can make in his turn. If a player roles two different numbers then he moves accordingly to the numbers and he cannot pass his turn. If the player roles a double then he can move his pieces four times. Example: If a 1 and a 2 is thrown then the players moves his soldier to the next triangle and then to the third (each triangle is a distance). He can also separate his moves to two soldiers. If a double is rolled he simply moves his soldiers in the same manner as above, but four times instead of just two.

If on a triangle there is just one soldier then he is exposed to an attack by his opponent. If the opponent roles the dice and he had the opportunity to move his solider to the same triangle of the single player then the soldier is moved to the bar. The soldier is physically placed in the middle of the table. It's the Backgammon's prison.

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